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Radio Ministry

There was a great need for solid Bible preaching on the radio air waves in the Baltimore Metro Area. In 2007, Hunt Valley Baptist prepared to launch its radio ministry with a weekly broadcast. Every Sunday from March 2008 until April 2014, the Hope Is Still Alive Radio Broadcast aired on two Baltimore Area radio stations.

In 2017, the Lord provided an open door of opportunity to begin a new chapter of radio broacast in the Baltimore Metro Area. Illustrations for Inspiration is a vision formed in the heart of our pastor to illustrate Biblical truths in a concise and meaningful way. You can listen to the radio broadcast every weekday morning.

Note to the listener:

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our radio page. There have been many illustrations I have heard over the years that have truly impacted my life. Sometimes that inspiring story rooted in Biblical principle gave me the inspiration I needed to make it through. 

Whether you need inspiration to make it through a major event in your life or just enough to make it through to the end of the day, Illustrations for Inspiration is a radio program started to help you do just that. By sharing Biblical principles through practical life stories, I hope to help you make it through. 

The stories used in this program will be based in Biblical principles but will apply directly to everyday life.  Each story will be one that I have heard, read, or experienced. Please understand I do not claim originality or to be the source for much of what I have the privilege of sharing.  Further, I will try to give credit when the source is known. By no means am I trying to take credit for the illustrations and life experiences shared on this program. Like the Scripture says, a man cannot help but speak the things which he has seen and heard.

I would like to extend an invitation to come visit us here at Hunt Valley Baptist Church!

Pastor Caleb Bottrell

Illustrations for Inspiration Live Radio Broadcast

  • WCBM 680 AM Monday through Friday
    WCBM is a local conservative talk radio station in Baltimore that covers the Baltimore Metro Area.

    * The links to these sites do not constitute an endorsement of all programming at this radio station by Hunt Valley Baptist Church.

Illustrations for Inspiration

When God Begins to Play
Illustration for Inspiration #1
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Don't Complicate Scriptures
Illustration for Inspiration #2
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He Died for Me
Illustration for Inspiration #3
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In Control
Illustration for Inspiration #4
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New Every Morning
Illustration for Inspiration #5
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