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The purpose of the Local New Testament Church is to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ fulfilling our Savior's Great Commission reach this world for Christ. At HVBC, there is a variety of ways to be involved in sharing the Good News with those around us.

Outreach Ministries

  • All-Church Soulwinning Program
    Three times a year, HVBC focuses on getting as many people in the church family to participate in All-Church Soulwinning. Whether it be to go or help others to go, there are over 16 ways to be involved in our soul winning program.
  • John and Romans Distribution
    HVBC has distributed over 50,000 John and Romans to the local area around us since 2006. Many families first heard about us through a HVBC John and Romans they received on their door. Each John and Romans provides information about the church as well as two books of the BIble, that clearly point out how to be be saved.
  • Bus Ministry
    Visit our bus ministry page to learn more about this exciting ministry God has enabled us to have at HVBC.
  • Weekly Visitation
    Every Tuesday, several in our church family volunteer to visit people who have come to HVBC or go out to meet new folks in the community and share a word of encouragment, prayer, or a Gospel witness.
  • Rescue Mission
    Once a quarter, HVBC leads services at the Baltimore Rescue Mission in Downtown Baltimore.
  • Vacation Bible School
    One week a year in the Summer, HVBC goes all out for Vacation Bible School and transforms our gym facility into an amazing themed atmosphere of fun, games, prizes, and Bible teaching. Check out our VBS Page for more information.