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Sunday School:

Membership Matters Class

“A study in the importance and ingredients of church membership”
by Pastor Caleb Bottrell


Thank you for your interest in HVBC Membership Matters Class. Whether you have just started coming or have been attending here for a long time, most everyone will find the comprehensive nature of this class helpful.  This class has been designed to clearly cover important matters for every Christian at HVBC. From the foundation of salvation, all the way to the many exciting opportunities to serve our Lord, I am sure there will be much that you will find informative and spiritually challenging.  

Class Objectives: 

  • To express the church’s desire for every individual to be saved and sure of it 
  • To emphasize the important matter of Christian growth. Correct growth will translate into a greater love and commitment to Christ and His Church. 
  • To explain the process, the privileges and responsibilities of church membership 
  • To encourage every member to become an active participating part of the life and ministry of their church 

Class Overview

Time and Place 

  • This class will be offered at least once a year on Sunday morning from 9:30 to 10:15 
  • The next scheduled class is July 2nd through Sep. 17th
  • We will meet in Classroom #105 in the hall on the middle level 

Course Outline 
This outline is subject to change should the need arise. However, the following should give you a good understanding of the direction of the class as well as the matters covered. 

  1. Introduction to the Church
    Meet the staff and leaders of the church, take a tour of the facilities God has given us. Learn some of our church history.  Learn about the different ministries the church currently has. 
  2. The Bible and the Church 
    Gain an understanding of how the Word of God shapes the life and ministries of HVBC
  3. The 4 Steps to Heaven 
    Be sure of your salvation and understand the importance of being able to explain these 4 steps to anyone who would ask you of the Hope that is in you. 
  4. The 7 Steps to Happiness 
    God wants you and me to have the abundant life. We will learn what that is and how to have it in these 7 easy steps to happiness.
  5. A Look at the Baptist Name 
    Gain an appreciation for the name Baptist, what it stands for and why we are Baptist
  6. A Look at Baptist History 
    Through the eyes of history, see what makes us Baptist and why we should maintain our identity 
  7. Our Church Government
    Everything we do should be done decently and in order as well as bring honor to God. Therefore, where and how do we structure the church government?  
  8. Our Church Ordinances 
    God has left us 2 ordinances. How and when do we observe them? 
  9. Membership Matters 
    Now that you know all you do, what should you do with it? Where to go from here?